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Tbird 2000 Pre-Event Comments

Comment from a past winner - Satch Carlson (Nov 1999)

But it really has to do with the event and the competition. My favorite rallies do not  require much work from the navigator because the driver is bustin' butt trying to get back on time: Drivex, according to the Canadians.

Rallies in which the navvy is the hero and the driver is bored shitless are called Navex. On very rare events, such as the Thunderbird Rally, both skills are vital---as long as  you're running against other skilled players.

Last year Peter Hill beat us at T-Bird---but I am always pleased to finish within a reasonable distance from Peter! A couple of years ago I was on the wrong side of the     car, navigating for Sergeant Sideways, aka Peter Linde, and we had to come from behind to edge John Fouse and Dennis Wende in Tbird---which was only possible because we kept tweaking our factor even in the last legs of the rally, trying trying trying to match whatever the rallymaster had for Real Mileage (kilometrage?) by correcting---to the thousandth!---at every given reference. Sgt. Sideways is a drivin' foo', of course, which made the real difference, but if we had relaxed and said, "Close enough," we would have had to cheer for the winners.

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