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2010 Thunderbird Rally
39th Thunderbird Rally -- February 6-7, 2010
Round 1 of the 2010 BC TSD Rally Championship
Hosted by the West Coast Rally Association

Supp Regs (pdf)

The Thunderbird Rally is a winter driving adventure through snow and ice covered back roads in the British Columbia interior.  Following the Thunderbird route is simple, but staying out of the snow banks is not. This event is suitable for ordinary road cars.  There are classes for Historic cars, Novice teams and different levels of navigation equipment.  Enjoy friendly competition with teams from BC, Alaska, Alberta, Washington, Oregon and beyond.

West Coast Rally Association ~ Presents
First Round of the BC Rally Championship
The 39th Thunderbird Rally - since 1957
The Thunderbird Rally is a time-speed-distance (TSD) rally and a winter driving adventure.
Officials of the Event
Route Master: Paul Westwick (paul@rallybc.com) (604) 617 4132
Co-Organizer: Tony Latham (tony@rallybc.com)  
Registrar: Dennis Wende (dennis@rallybc.com)  
Steward: Dennis Wende (dennis@rallybc.com)  
Please note: Historic class - The example in the sup regs should read "For this year, that means that any vehicle manufactured before December 31st, 1984 will qualify." (The year prior to current is 2009, minus 25 = 1984).
Thunderbird Team Prize

In the grand tradition of 1960's rallying, Savoia Aero SA (a division of D.E.R. International) sponsored the establishment of an annual Team Trophy for the Thunderbird Rally. A Team is defined as three to six entries, of differing classes (span at least two classes and no more than two in one class) and should include a novice team. All teams with or without a Novice class entry shall be scored by one of the following means: by averaging a Novice score factor (average of all novice scores for the event) or the actual score of their novice team member (which ever method is more beneficial for the team score). Teams may be declared up to the close of registration. There is no additional fee for registering a team. Teams are strongly encouraged to display their team name and/or logo on the team vehicles, using professional-looking and tasteful decals. Each entry on a team will be given a score factor, which is the ratio of their score to the winning score in their class. The winning team will be the one with the lowest average score factor. The designated team captain will be awarded the perpetual trophy and if given, a cash prize of $100.

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