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2005 Thunderbird Rally
February 19/20, 2005
34th Thunderbird Rally -- February 19-20, 2005
Merritt - Kelowna - Merritt
Round 1 of the 2005 BC TSD Rally Championship
Hosted by the West Coast Rally Association

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Entry Form (pdf form)
Please fill in and save a copy of this entry form. If you are using Acrobat Reader, you can download this CutePDF Writer utility (download and install both files) to "print" to a file as a filled out pdf form. Email copy to dennis @ rallybc.com, then print and sign form and mail with cheque to WCRA-Tbird, 2065 Alpine Court, Coquitlam, BC, V3J 2K7
Emailing the form gets you on the list and the cheque with form is a confirmed entry.
The Thunderbird Rally is a winter driving adventure through snow and ice covered back roads in the British Columbia interior.  Following the Thunderbird route is simple, but staying out of the snow banks is not. This event is suitable for ordinary road cars.  There are classes for Historic cars, Novice teams and different levels of navigation equipment.  Enjoy friendly competition with teams from BC, Alaska, Alberta, Washington, Oregon and beyond
West Coast Rally Association ~ Presents
First Round of the 2005 BC Rally Championship
First Round of the 2005 Rallywest Navigational Championship
Second Round of the 2005 NAVRRA Rally Series A & B
The 34th Thunderbird Rally - since 1957
The Thunderbird Rally is a time-speed-distance (TSD) rally and a winter driving adventure. For 2005 it is the first round of three championship series: BC Rally Championship, Rallywest Navigational Championship, and the North American Vintage Rally & Race Association (NAVRRA) Rally Series A & B.
This rally follows the current BC Rally Regulations, which are posted at http://www.rallybc.com/html/regional_rules.htm and are available from the BC Rally Director, Paul Westwick (paul@rallybc.com) by calling (604) 682 3296. The rally runs on straightforward instructions. In addition to the route instructions, maps will be provided. The rally will be about 850km long, entirely within the province of BC, and will start with an odometer check section of about 15km. Roads will be about 30% clear pavement, 70% snow-covered pavement and gravel. Instructions are provided in both kilometers and miles, but the official measurements and calculations are based on the kilometer figures
Officials of the Event
Rally Master: Paul Westwick (paul@rallybc.com) 604-682-3296
Co-organizers: Ryan Matthews (ryan@rallybc.com)
and Tony Latham (tony@rallybc.com)
Registrar: Dennis Wende (dennis@rallybc.com)
Steward: Dennis Wende (dennis@rallybc.com)
Other Details:
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Rally Series A: Serie Grand Ronde / Grand Ronde Series
Rally Series B: Serie Cup de Cascade / Cascade Cup Series
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