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1999 Coast to Coast TSD Rally

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To summarize: Ben Bradley and Russ Kraushaar beat you all. And there was a very respectable showing by Roy Lima and Andrew Dobric.  When you consider that Roy and Andrew were only running with an odometer and used only a calculator in equipped class (PCC) and beat the 2nd best unlimited team of Jensen and Kisela by several points, you have to admire  their skill.

Thank you all for attending. We enjoyed having you come over and appreciate the nice comments you have been sending our way.

In Detail: Firstly, a big "Thank You" to all of you who came.  Whether you are a competitor, or a worker, your enthusiasm in rallying is terrific. Besides having a great time, we also got to meet each other and form a tighter rally community.

We sincerely hope that the long days  were not too onerour, and that the Airport Inn was able to quench that thirst and satisfy that hunger after such a long drive. We were lucky that the dust, although bad in spots, wasn't completely impossible.

We do  feel though, that an apology is in order. During the initial setup we had a number of roads that had to be completely removed out of contention due to a variety of things. One was 20 feet of snow (vertical) on a major  connecting route. Another was bridges out. The end result was that the estimated distance of the rally wasn't accurately reflected in the final total distance of the regularity stages. Furthermore, several roads had  Speed Limit sighns posted. Since there were no alternate roads (except the highway - boo, hiss) we opted to use the posted roads anyway although you were probably as bored on those as we were. On the other hand, the  scores show that boring roads aren't necessarily a total give away.

The most frustrating thing to me as organizer was the bridge that was taken out on the Zeballos regularity stage. The weekend before there was no  indication that there would be any work done in that area. Although beyound our control, we apologize anyway. I am glad to see that everyone got to the start of Benson okay, even though a bit out of order. The net  result was only the loss of 2 controls and a 10 minute delay at the start of that final regularity stage.

Bart Vogelzang

C2C Results - click for detailed results (136 Kb)
Car # Class Driver Navigator Leg 1 Leg 2 Total Overall Class
1 Unlim Ben Bradley Russ Kraushaar 4 3 7 1 1
4 Calc Roy Lima Andrew Dobric 10 8 18 2 1
3 Unlim David Jensen John Kisela 13 8 21 3 2
5 Unlim Patrick Richard Ian McCurdy 61 55 116 4 3
17 Unlim Glenn Wallace Richard Squire 203 13 216 5 4
11 Historic Mike Welland Gordon Passmore 154 260 414 6 1
2 Paper Mike Glass Catherine Roso 348 219 567 7 1
10 Paper Matt Tabor Chris Hale 357 335 692 8 2
19 Novice Dave Koszegi Todd Patola 730 51 781 9 1
12 Historic Bill Westhead Leslie Tuck 795 38 833 10 2
9 Paper Mark Tabor Kristen Tabor 646 287 933 11 3
15 Paper Andy Hilmer Patrick Wiese 674 285 959 12 4
7 Paper Bruce Tabor Jan Tabor 1001 100 1101 13 5
8 Paper Jon Tabor Darlene Sacrett 1007 146 1153 14 6
13 Unlim Adrienne Lang Marion Lang 1148 128 1276 15 5
6 Unlim Andrew Swingler Chris Stevens 1120 195 1315 16 6
20 Novice Alvin Chand Jason Acutt 1344 840 2184 17 2
18 Novice Fred Wiedemann Shelley Donaldson 2109 152 2261 18 3
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