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WCRA 2015 Novice TSD Series
The West Coast Rally Association puts on a series of novice events. These are shorter versions of the regional TSD series and introduce the competitor to all the aspects of rallying without the time and expense of the major series.
April 18 Results
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Spring Novice Rally April 18 Mission Results      
Summer Novice Rally August 15 Mission Results      
Fall Novice Rally October 03 Mission        

We will have a WCRA Novice Series for 2015.

This is a training and development series, so you should expect that the events will be shorter and a bit slower than a regional event. All the events will be one day events, no longer than say 6 hours, so you can travel to them and get home the same day. They will be daylight only so no extra lights are required. For gravel events, we will make every effort to identify and give you time to slow down for any rough spots, so any car or truck with stock suspension will be perfectly suitable, and no car preparation will be required. For events in Merritt, we will run a free rally school on the morning of the events (on a request basis) for any competitors that have not ran a rally before, or ones that need some questions answered or a refresher.

The rallies are open to anyone who may wish to enter. However to score points for the series, both driver and navigator must have ran no more than 2 previous rallies as of January 1, 2015. Teams can change for each event and both drivers and navigators will be scored individually. There are no residency or club membership requirements.


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