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32nd Thunderbird Rally
Presented by Yokahama Tire (Canada), Inc.
February 15-16, 2003
Hosted by the West Coast Rally Association

Thunderbird Rally Team Trophy Announced

VANCOUVER (February 7, 2003)  In the grand tradition of the Thunderbird rallies of the '50s and '60s, Savoia Aero SA (a division of D.E.R International LLC) is pleased to sponsor the re-establishment of an annual Thunderbird Team Trophy for the best overall finish by a Thunderbird Rally team.  For the 2003 edition, Savoia Aero SA will also offer a $100 USD cash prize in addition to the trophy.

"I welcome the support and encouragement of Savoia Aero SA in helping to re-instate the Thunderbird Team Trophy ," enthused rally master Paul Westwick. "The Team Trophy concept is something we've been thinking about for awhile, it's a great way to build the rallying spirit at a large event like Thunderbird."

The Thunderbird Team Trophy will be awarded annually to the best team finish per the Team Trophy scoring formula.  This trophy is to be administrated by the West Coast Rally Association (WCRA).  The Trophy will remain the property of WCRA or its successors to be given out annually at the Thunderbird Rally.

A Team is defined as a group of participants who agree to declare themselves a Team for the Thunderbird rally.  Team entries may be declared right up to the start of the event.  Organizers will officially register Team entries and a Team captain is to be designated at registration.

In future years, Team entries will be displayed on the RALLYBC.com website to build interest in the team prize and to encourage interaction among the rally community.  Teams wishing to contact other entries and solicit additional team members may post to the Canada West forum on SpecialStage.com


Team Rules

  1. 1./ A Team is defined as three or more Thunderbird entries of differing event classes who agree to form a Team.
  2. 2./ A Team must span at least three Thunderbird event classes.
  3. 3./ A Team must include one novice class entry.
  4. 4./ A Team may have no more than two team entries in any one class.
  5. 5./ No more than six entries may make up a Team


Scoring will be the average score of all entries on the Team

The scores of the team members will be averaged together to determine the overall Team's score.  The lowest average team score for the event wins the Team Trophy.

Example: Team A

  • Un1imited     2
  • Calculator    98
  • Novice        800
    900/3 = 300 - Therefore Team A's score would be 300

Example: Team B

  • Unlimited 1    40
  • Unlimited 2    60
  • Historic      200
  • Novice        800
  • Calculator    100
    1200/5 = 240 - Therefore Team B's score would be 240

Team Requirements

A Team must have an official Team Name.  This Team Name must be displayed on a professional looking sign or decal (Note: for the 2003 edition of Thunderbird this provision is optional, but highly encouraged).  This sign/decal must be displayed on each Team vehicle in two locations.  The sign must be at least 200 square inches in size (about the size of an 11"x17" piece of paper).

This sign should have the words: "(Name) Team" or "Team (Name)".  The logo/printing must be of a professional and tasteful nature.

Each Team must present their vehicles as a group to the designated photographer for a Team photograph during the event.


For 2003 the Thunderbird Team Trophy cash prize will be awarded at the end of the event

The Thunderbird Team Trophy and any prize(s) will be awarded to the designated Team captain.  The team captain is responsible for the trophy and it's annual return to WCRA, and appropriate distribution of any prize(s) amongst the team.

The winning Team name will be engraved on the Thunderbird Team Trophy.  The Team may keep the trophy for one year.  The Thunderbird Team trophy is to be returned to WCRA or their successors by the time of the WCRA AGM or prior to the following year's Thunderbird Rally at the latest.

Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form for the 32nd Thunderbird Rally

For more information please contact:
Paul Westwick, Rally Master, 32nd Thunderbird Rally
Ph: (604) 682-3296, e-mail: paul @ rallybc.com

Special thanks to the following supporters of rallying in BC:

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